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Landscape Edging University Place * Garden Edging * University Place Concrete Edging



Are you tired of replacing your broken or rusted landscape edging? Do you want landscape borders that not only showcase your landscape beautifully, but are also effective and easy to maintain? It is time you got in touch with Curbzilla.

Founded in 1993, our family owned and operated landscape edging company installs concrete curbing for landscapes, gardens, lawns, and yards in University Place, WA. Our top of the line landscape edging services provide you with:


  • • Landscape edging that improves the natural beauty of your landscaping
  • • Concrete curbing that is strong and durable
  • • Landscape borders that accommodate bends, circles, or any shape


Our superior landscape edging has simplified landscape and garden maintenance for numerous University Place residents. We are eager to serve you too!



Concrete Curbing University Place * Landscape Curbing for University Place Lawn and Garden



Concrete curbing is a great option in landscape edging. It accentuates your landscape and gives it a distinctive look. With proper care, concrete curbing and landscape borders can last as long as your building and its landscaping lasts.

If you want stylish and functional concrete curbing and landscape borders for your University Place property, come to us. We offer:


  • • Eye-catching and exceptionally elegant landscape edging
  • • Custom-designed concrete curbing created on site
  • • Seamless, continuous landscape borders


We offer concrete curbing in multiple colors and finishes to give you landscape borders that you will be proud to have on your University Place property.



Why Choose Us for Your University Place Lawn Edging and Landscape Borders?


Lawn Edging University-Place WA

With countless successful concrete curbing projects under our belt, we assure our University Place customers of quality landscape borders and their impeccable installation. Our process for installing landscape borders is non-invasive and involves minimal disturbance to your existing landscape.

We pride ourselves on going strong even after so many years of servicing University Place with landscape edging. We credit our success to a persistent focus on delivering quality that satisfies the customer. Other key aspects of our concrete curbing business include:


  • • Licensed, bonded, and insured landscape edging company
  • • Landscape borders that are affordable, yet high quality
  • • Dedicated to clean, safe, and thoroughly professional landscape edging services
  • • Trained and experienced concrete curbing installers to serve University Place clients
  • • Use the best materials and processes to create sturdy landscape borders


Get a beautiful and permanent solution to your landscape edging needs. Call (253) 777-1221 and set up a consultation with the concrete curbing experts at Curbzilla today.