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Landscape Edging Sumner * Garden Edging * Sumner Concrete Edging



Are you fed up of having to trim the unkempt edges of your lawn, garden, or landscape beds time and again? Get in touch with Curbzilla. We are a locally owned and operated landscape edging company that was founded in 1993 and has since been installing concrete curbing and landscape borders to beautify the landscapes, lawns, garden, yards, and sidewalks in Sumner, WA.

We offer:


  • • Residential and commercial landscape edging in Sumner
  • • Quick, yet artistic concrete curbing
  • • Landscape borders in mower, slant, and curb styles
  • • Free landscape edging design consultation for Sumner customers


The landscape edging we install performs like beautiful frames to showcase your enchanting landscape or lawn. We endeavor to display exquisite workmanship in every landscape edging job we undertake. We are passionate about ensuring each customer’s satisfaction with our concrete curbing services and giving them the best value for their investment in landscape borders.



Concrete Curbing Sumner * Landscape Curbing for Sumner Lawn and Garden



When you hire us, you can be sure of receiving superior landscape edging that goes beyond all your expectations. We specialize in creating seamless landscape borders that do not allow weeds to push through and spoil the great impact that concrete curbing has on your lawn or garden in Sumner. However, we do take care to place the critically important stress-cuts in concrete curbing, without which your concrete landscape borders won’t last long.

Our Sumner clients can depend on us for:


  • • Ethical concrete curbing, done with quality concrete in proper consistency
  • • Decorative landscape borders with custom finishes
  • • Extremely professional landscape edging; site cleaned up after work



Why Choose Us for Your Sumner Lawn Edging and Landscape Borders?


Lawn Edging Sumner WA

The landscape edging and concrete curbing we install result in well-defined landscape borders that give a distinct structure to your landscape. Our landscape edging not only adds to the beauty of your landscape and the value of your property, but also frees you from yard maintenance worries.

Our commitment to providing Sumner with discreet concrete curbing and landscape borders that blend with the property has earned us a good name in the region for quality landscape edging. Other unique features of our concrete curbing services include:


  • • Very accessible, customer-friendly concrete curbing company
  • • Reputed for long-lasting landscape borders that don’t rust, rot, or shift
  • • Expertise proven over innumerable landscape edging projects in Sumner


Come to Curbzilla for attractive and durable landscape borders. Call (253) 777-1221 for a free landscape edging estimate.