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10421 Delwood DR SW
Lakewood, WA 98498

253-581-CURB (2872)
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Landscape Border for Lakewood, Bonney Lake, Tacoma • Landscape Edging


Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Landscape Border Lakewood, Bonney Lake #1. Is your product similar to the concrete edging that I see for sale in the local hardware store?
  • A.    No! We are NOT BLOCKS, we are a Continuously poured landscape border that is installed wet. It’s this that makes us truly the best landscape edging around. We are one continuous piece, like a sidewalk.
  1. #2. Will having your company install a concrete landscape border for us; initially destroy our landscaping?
  • A.    No! The method that we use to install concrete landscape curbing will minimize the damage to existing landscaping.
  1. #3. Do you help at all with figuring out what we want our landscape border to look like? Or do we have to come up with the design by ourselves?
  • A.    We love to be part of the creative design process on all of our new installations. We are also highly experienced in helping your landscape border achieve the accent and style you picture in your mind.
  1. Concrete Garden Border Tacoma#4. Why do you say that your concrete curbing is continuous when I see cut lines all over the place?
  • A.    The lines that you see cut into the curbing are stress-relieving cuts to control where the curbing cracks, without these Mother-Nature would decide where to put the cracks. All concrete needs stress-cuts.
  1. #5. What is the installation process?
    •        A.  A shallow trench is prepared for the curbing.
    •        B.  Concrete is mixed to proper consistency
    •        C.  The extrusion machine places the concrete in the trench
    •        D.  Various finishes are now applied and stress-relieving cuts
    •        E.  Clean-up, leaving the curbing as the only sign of our work



Curb Care: Unless instructed otherwise, follow these rules.


Landscape border company serving Lakewood, WA#1. The First 24 Hours are the most important time to keep everyone away from the curbing, neighbors, kids, pets, and even you. It is during this time curiosity can damage the curb. Also make sure no sprinklers or water is sprayed directly onto the curbs.


#2. Now 48 hours later, the curbing is stronger, but can still be damaged. Sprinklers are OK.


#3. After Five Days you may now place your wheel on the curbing for mowing.


#4. After Two Weeks you may now run wheel-barrows over curbing.