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Call Us Today! 253-581-CURB (2872) Facebook-curbzilla



Landscape Edging Des Moines * Garden Edging * Des Moines Concrete Edging


Landscape-Edging-Des-Moines-waAre you tired of an un-maintained lawn or landscape beds in the Des Moines, WA area? If yes, then get in touch with the concrete curbing and landscape edging experts at Curbzilla. We have been serving Des Moines residential and commercial property owners with reliable landscape borders services. We strive to beautify your Des Moines lawn by offering you affordable and best-in-the-industry landscape edging services.

We offer:


• Artistic concrete curbing

• Free landscape edging and concrete curbing design consultation services

• Landscape borders in slant, curb and mower style

• Landscape borders in a variety of colors and styles



The landscape edging installed by our specialists increases the beauty of your Des Moines lawn. We strive to display wonderful craftsmanship in our landscape edging and concrete curbing jobs.



Concrete Curbing Des Moines * Landscape Curbing for the Des Moines Lawn and Garden


concrete-curbing-Des-Moines-waWhen Des Moines residents hire us, theycan be sure of receiving quality concrete curbing and landscape edging services that go beyond comparison. Our experts specialize in creating:


• Seamless landscape borders

• Decorative landscape borders

• Landscape borders in different styles

• Extremely professional concrete curbing and landscape edgin



We take great care while providing our concrete curbing and landscape edging services as we believe in building long lasting relationships with our Des Moines customers. Our Des Moines clients can depend on us for a large number of lawn-care services, including landscape borders in Des Moines.



Why Choose Us for Your Des Moines Lawn Edging and Landscape Borders?



Lawn-Edging-Des-Moines-waThe concrete curbing and landscaping edging we will install helps to define yourDes Moines lawn in a better manner. The landscape borders give a distinctive look to your Des Moines garden. Our landscape edging adds value to your Des Moines home while saving your time and money as well. We have earned a good reputation in the concrete curbing industry by offering exceptional results to our clients.

Some distinctive features of our landscape edging and concrete curbing services are:


• Customer friendly landscape edging company

• Lifelong landscape borders that do not shift, rust or rot

• Extremely professional landscape borders services

• Expert concrete curbing work



Come to Curbzill a and see the difference in your lawn with proficient concrete curbing, landscape edging and landscape borders. Des Moines residents can call us at 253-581-CURB (2872) to know more about the different styles and designs of landscape borders that we can install.