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Landscape Edging Kent• Garden Edging • Kent Concrete Edging


Landscape-Edging-Kent-WAHolding the value of long experience, Curbzilla is a locally owned and operated firm offering services like concrete curbing and landscape edging in Kent, WA. When you require landscape borders for your Kent home, we can effectively help you.


Many Kent residents are tired of their lawns because they look disheveled as it takes a significantly long time for edging and trimming. In such a scenario, landscape edging proves to be a viable option. Saving your time and money, landscape edging helps keep your Kent garden stay well-maintained. Other benefits of landscape edging include:


• Landscape edging enduringly defines a landscape bed
• Landscape edging saves maintenance expenses
• Landscape edging maintains clean lines throughout the landscape bed
• Landscape edging builds a balanced landscape
• Landscape edging adds visual appeal to your home


For long-lasting landscape edging solutions, come to us in the Kent area. Our experienced experts provide the right landscape edging service that will deliver positive results for many years to come.


Concrete Curbing Kent • Landscape Curbing for Kent Lawn and Garden


Concrete-Curbing-Kent-WAConcrete curbing involves building a continuous concrete border to retain and accent existing landscape designs. Many Kent residents opt for concrete curbing as well as landscape borders so as to add value to their homes. However, to receive real results, depending on trusted concrete curbing professionals is necessary. 


Our concrete curbing works as a beauty cushion between your garden and lawn. You can count on us for concrete curbing in Kent as we offer:


• Experienced concrete curbing service
• Custom concrete curbing designs
• Meticulous concrete curbing
• Proficient concrete curbing
• Accurate concrete curbing


Why Choose Us for Your Kent Lawn Edging and Landscape Borders?


Landscape-Borders-Kent-WASimilar to concrete curbing, landscape borders help you enhance the beauty of your Kent garden. In addition to this, other advantages of landscape borders include:


• Landscape borders prevent weeds from growing in your garden
• Landscape borders reduce yard maintenance time
• Landscape borders provide an enhanced appearance to your Kent garden
• Landscape borders decrease edging and trimming hassles
• Landscape borders serve as root and grass barriers


When you need landscape borders for your Kent home, choose us as your trusted professionals. We enable you to choose from a wide range of landscape borders. Moreover, our experts carefully install landscape borders in your Kent property.


Kent residents can call Curbzilla at 253-581-CURB (2872) for all types of landscape edging needs. We also provide free estimates!