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Call Us Today! (253) 581-CURB (2872)


Landscape Edging Pacific * Garden Edging * Pacific Concrete Edging


Landscape-Edging-Pacific-waConcrete curbing and landscape edging is an art, which can please the senses of the onlooker. Curbzilla has been serving the Pacific, WA region and beyond with best in the industry landscape borders, landscape edging and concrete curbing services. If you are tired of maintaining your Pacific home yard, lawn or garden, it’s time to get in touch with the landscape edging professionals.

Our expert professionals look for new and creative concrete curbing and landscape edging ways to beautify your Pacific lawn. We offer:


Customized landscape borders

Effective landscape edging services

Easy to maintain landscape borders

Beautifully designed concrete curbing



Our landscape edging experts offer a free landscape borders design consultation, which can help you to design your Pacific lawn in a better manner.



Concrete Curbing Pacific * Landscape Curbing for the Pacific Lawn and Garden


concrete-curbing-Pacific-waOur concrete curbing and landscape edging professionals install all the required equipment in your Pacific garden without affecting your present landscaping. Getting the services regarding concrete curbing done can increase the worth of your Pacific home. So undertake these services as:


Concrete curbing can increase your home value

Customized landscape edging can beautify your house

Landscape borders are long lasting

Landscape borders are designed to fit your requirements



Whilea large number of concrete curbing products come with a high price tag, our landscape borders and landscape edging services can be easily afforded by our Pacific region clients.



Why Choose Us for Your Pacific Lawn Edging and Landscape Borders?


Lawn-Edging-Pacific-waThere are a large number of products in the market that can fulfil your landscape edging and concrete curbing needs in Pacific. However, it is important to find a company serving the Pacific area with expert landscape borders services. We:


Are a locally owned company

Offer reliable concrete curbing and landscape borders services

Offer free landscape edging and concrete curbing design estimates



Landscape borders can increase the beauty of your home, making it look more exquisite and attract the attention of the prospective buyers easily.Our clients residing in the Pacific area and beyond can get in touch with our landscape borders experts to get landscape edging and concrete curbing services. We also offer services regarding landscape borders to our Pacific area clients.

Pacific region residents can call Curbzilla at