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Call Us Today! 253-581-CURB (2872) Facebook-curbzilla



Landscape Borders Gig Harbor • Garden Borders for Gig Harbor, WA



Landscape Borders Gig Harbor When you think of landscape boarders, what do you envision? Do you see plastic strips winding precariously through your yard, supported by green plastic stakes? Or do you see rotting wooden slats attempting in vain to hold back piles of beauty bark? If this sounds anything like you, you owe it to yourself to give the experts at Curbzilla a call.


At Curbzilla, we install seamless landscape boarders constructed of solid concrete. Our landscape boarders are virtually zero maintenance, and don’t ever bend or buckle under a load of beauty bark. You never have to support it with unsightly stakes, and it is invulnerable to rot or rust.


  • • Landscape Borders Using Nothing but the Highest Quality Materials
  • • Long Lasting and Labor Saving
  • • Perfect to Help Keep Lawn and Garden Beautiful Year Around


Our landscape borders are the perfect blend of durability, functionality, and affordability!



Concrete Curbing Gig Harbor • Landscape Edging for Gig Harbor Residents


Concrete Curbing Gig HarborOur concrete curbing is designed and built specific to each home that we work on. This means that we take the time needed to ensure that you are truly receiving a high quality custom product. We bring the raw materials to your site, and after understanding exactly the look you are going for, we build your concrete curbing specific to match your style.


  • • Custom Concrete Curbing Specifically Designed for your Home
  • • Unique Colors and Imprints help Match your Style
  • • Quick and Clean Installation Process Doesn’t Tear up your Yard


As we install your concrete curbing, you’ll be amazed at our time efficient methods, and our carefulness to not mess up the yard around us.



Why Choose us for Your Gig Harbor Concrete Edging Needs?


 Concrete Edging Landscape borders for Gig Harbor src=When you combine Curbzilla’s quality craftsmanship, top-of-the-line materials, expertise in the industry, and our commitment to customer service, you truly wont find anyone better within a 1000 miles of Gig Harbor to take care of your landscape borders and concrete curbing.


  • • Local Area Company, Experienced in Gig Harbor
  • • Family Owned and Operated Company
  • • Committed to Customer Service and Satisfaction


When you are ready to take your yard and lawn to the next level of professionally designed, custom installed, beautiful landscape borders; contact the experts at Curbzilla. We wont rest until your yard is turning heads and you are satisfied.